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Paul Sullivan, CPI, NRS Inspector
Wrigley Home Inspections, LLC

Licensed and Insured

  • Wrigley Home Inspections, LLC is licensed and insured to perform inspections in Virginia.
  • Owner and home inspector Paul Sullivan is licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations.
  • Paul is a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) and a member of InterNACHI, (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). 
  • Wrigley Home Inspections uses strict protocols and practices that follow industry standards of practices. 

Outstanding Experience

  • Paul Sullivan has over twenty years of experience owning and managing a residential contracting business in Northern Virginia.
  • Your home inspection will be an interactive experience. We encourage questions during and after your inspection.
  • We take the time to deliver a thorough and easy-to-understand report, which includes detailed explanations and photos.

Technology and Expertise

  • Technology enhances the inspection and report.
  • We use current technology to assess your home and report the findings.
  • Infrared cameras provide thermal images of structures.
  • Moisture meters detect elevated water levels in building materials.
  • Simply using technology is not enough. One must know how to use it and interpret the results.
  • We will inspect your main service panel and look for things such as scorch marks, rust, missing or open breakers, overloaded circuits, uninsulated wiring, excessive dust or debris, and any signs of water which could lead to electrocution.
  • We will reset and test the operation of your GFCI/AFCI outlets, show and explain where the main shut-off is and how to operate it.
  • Photos will be used in the report to illustrate the findings.
  • Technology allows us to view things that are not necessarily visible to the eye.
  • For example, comparing and contrasting moisture meter readings from different locations around a stain on drywall will help detect if there is an active leak or excessive moisture levels behind a wall.
  • Safety is important.
  • For example, balusters measuring more than four inches apart increases the risk of a child getting stuck or worse.
  • Identifying real or potential safety hazards is an important aspect of our inspection and are included in your report.
  • During our inspection we will identify and teach you about the important systems and components in your home.
  • For example, our water heater inspection includes showing you where the water supply shut-off valve is located.
  • In addition we will inspect for a Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) and drip pan; and whether the appliance is bonded (grounded) and operating properly.
  • These type of items will be included in your report with explanations.


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What I Inspect

The Standards of Practice, available with your contract, identify exactly what we inspect. Licensed home inspectors are required to inspect all major home systems and components where accessible and deemed safe to do so. The time and effort we put forward to inspect your home result in accurate and thorough findings. Sometimes, clarifying a current condition requires extra time and even further research. That is our job and we do it thoroughly.

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